Where’s Doggy Pirate?! 


I spent at least 45 minutes searching for my son’s fricking Doggy Pirate, his most favorite stuffy in the entire world! He went to bed crying because I could not find him anywhere. Every place he told me he had him, I checked. Nothing! No doggy Pirate! My husband gets home and about 15 min later, he remembers that my son likes to hide things in his ship. Well… Guess who was hiding in the ship?! Yup! Doggy Fricking Pirate! Oh the stress I went through looking for this thing! Smh. I guess it makes sense that a doggy pirate would be stuffed into a ship, even though he doesn’t belong there… I don’t even want to imagine what would have happened for the next couple of days, had doggy not been found. 


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