Enjoying the weather

The weather is finally starting to warm up! Yay! *doing a happy dance*. After the gym this morning, I decided to bring my son and his doggy pirate to the park. It’s so great to see him run around free and happy! He has the biggest smile on his face, his pants are dirty and his cheeks are pink. Aaah, the early signs of Spring! Unfortunately we are the only ones here. So that means mommy as to play! Eek! We ran around for a bit, playing tag. Then we swung on the swings for a little. After that I told my son “mommy has had enough exercise for now. I need a break” lol. 

While I sit and take in the sun for a bit, lil man is imagining that he is on vacation, while I babysit doggy pirate. He is in Hawaii and now he is shouting to me that there is a leak in his ceiling (where do they come up with this stuff?!) be right back. Turns out I’m the manager!…..

Ok back! As the manager of my son’s hawaiin hotel, I had to go fix the leak, help him move his things to his new hotel room (near the small slide) and I had to give him money, because according to him, all of his dvd’s got wet 😯. Now he has moved on to another game. I love watching him play lol. Oh the joys of warm weather! I hope everyone is enjoying their day as well!



– JennieG ☀️


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