April Nerves


With April here, there are a two important things that are happening. In a week, I need to go register my son for Pre-k 😥. I am so nervous and excited about this. I can’t believe my baby is off to school this year! The years have flown by! I already have all of the paper work filled out and have his physical and immunization card up to date.

I took my son for his physical & 4 year well-visit two weeks ago. Because of that appointment, I found out from his doctor that he needs to go see a Urologist ASAP. It seems his urethra is small or has a blockage; there was a small amount of blood in his urine when the doctor tested it. So a few days after registering him for pre-k, my husband & I need to take him for a consult. Of course, this has us nervous. The thought of my child being under anesthesia makes me very nervous. Obviously I want the best for him and if this surgical procedure will help alleviate pressure from his bladder, I’m all for it. But as a mother, how can I not be a bundle of nerves?!

Once we have the consult, they will let us know which procedure our son needs and they’ll schedule him in. Im praying for a speedy recovery and a less nerve- wracking month of May! 


4 thoughts on “April Nerves

  1. hbhatnagar says:

    I hope your son is fine, and he doesn’t need surgery. I know what parents go through under such circumstances. I had to operate on a close friend’s young daughter once. I wish you and him the best.

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