Being a Mom has Made me so Tired…


Last night I was in bed by 11pm. I fell asleep soon after, just to wake up around 12:30am because my son was coughing. My husband got up to give him water but he couldn’t stop coughing. I got up and gave him his two asthma pumps and the cough stopped. I went back to bed and woke up at 6am when my son called me saying his nose was bleeding. The bleeding took a while to stop. I climbed back into bed at 6:20am. Husband then got up around 6:30am because our son was having trouble breathing through one side of his nose. He came to bed and I went to check on him agin. His right nostril was still clogged. I sprayed it with saline water and had him blow his nose. After, I came back to bed. He then wakes up at 8am asking to watch cartoons and for cereal. At this point I’m dragging myself, trying not to collapse! Husband & I continue taking turns tending to him. Now I’m laying in bed completely exhausted while hubby makes us coffee. I must say though, I wouldn’t trade any of this in. I’ll continue waking up every couple of hours to care for my son and check up on him. He’s my world. He makes me so happy. It makes the exhaustion all the more worth it 😊.


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