Mommy, I had a baby…

My son walks into the living room carrying a small stuffed gorilla, wrapped in a blanket. He walks over slowly to me and says: “mommy, I had a baby”. At this point, my eyes open wide and I’m looking at him wondering how my son just had a baby. He looks at me and smiles, then says: “it’s ok mommy, it’s just make-believe”. Well phew! So glad he cleared that up for me! 😂.

He hands over the tiny gorilla and asks if I can babysit. I take the baby gorilla and ask my son how did he have a baby? He’s a boy. From what he tells me next, he pretty much grasps the concept, because he tells me, “he didn’t come out. The Dr. Just took him out my stomach!” LOL oh! Well um, ok! My husband sat up with an incredulous look on his face and just started laughing! My son smiles back and then walks away, leaving me to babysit. I think it is way too early for my son to think he’s having a baby, and too early for me to be babysitting a gorilla grandchild! Smh kids!




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