Sick Mommy

Today I woke up feeling so sick. I’m congested and coughing so much! Ugh. Today is a day I feel bad for my son. Maybe I shouldn’t, because he seems content and he’s been playing all day. But I hate that I don’t have energy to play ninja turtles or run around with him or even concentrate on the game Memory. My body just screams for bed or sofa. The most energy I have is to slowly walk into the kitchen to cook him breakfast, lunch & dinner and go back and forth for snacks. I interact with him so he doesn’t feel alone, but I know he’s wishing I could run around and play with him.

I did explained to my son that mommy is sick and really not feeling well. I told him mommy had a cold and congestion right now and he said “ok mommy. Aww, you’re sick?” So he understands I’m not trying to be a lazy momma and that I just need rest. I really just don’t feel well.

He’s been good though. He has played in his room, while watching blues clues. He came to get me a few times so I could look at the rail roads he built. Of course I went and told him what a great job he did. He’s also come into the living room to do silly dances for me and chit chat. My medicine did kick in for a little while, so I sat on the floor with him and told him we should put together a puzzle. We did that for a little while and he enjoyed it. I just can’t wait to feel better. I hate not being able to really keep him entertained when I’m sick.

Soon enough he’ll be in bed and I will be able to sleep. Praying tomorrow I have more energy, so we can do more then we did today. Till then, *cough cough*.


4 thoughts on “Sick Mommy

  1. Nonstopbakbak says:

    Feel better Jen. You don’t have to feel guilty about not having enough strength. You recuperating quickly and feeling better is important. You worry a lot, shows that your heart in in the right place. Nathaniel is lucky to have a mother like you. Xx.

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