Snowed in Activity: Part 3

Puffy Paint

I have to do this activity again, because our paintings didn’t pop up very much! Sorry, it was our first time trying!

What you’ll need:

1. 1. Tbsp rising flour
2. Different food coloring
3. 1 Tbsp Salt
4. Little bit of water
5. Paint brush or q-tip
6. Cardboard paper
7. Microwave

Add flour, salt and water in a bowl, until you have a paste


Add food coloring

Use paint brushes or q-tips to paint on card board paper




Place paintings in the microwave for 30 seconds & painting “should” rise


Parts of our paintings rose! My son had a blast painting and seeing some of it rise up. He also liked feeling the texture of the painting once we took it out of the microwave. It’s pretty too because the salt makes them sparkle once they are taken out of the microwave.

[To take the food coloring off my son’s hands: I made a paste with water & baking soda, and rubbed his hands with it, under warm running water.]


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