New Identity Aquired


It saddens me to say, that I am no longer Jennie or Mommy. My son has changed my name to Mikey (A.K.A. Michelangelo). I’ve asked him to stop calling me Mikey, but he says he can’t! He tells me, “Mikey! You are a ninja turtle! My name is Leo. I’m a ninja turtle too!” Then he takes out his sword and starts doing some strange ninja dance/stance. *sigh*  I guess I am stuck with this new name until Nathaniel, oops, I mean Leo, decides to move on to a different cartoon that he loves even more. Until then, don’t be surprised when you hear my son calling out for Mikey and you only see me around! hehe.


4 thoughts on “New Identity Aquired

  1. 2 black mama's says:

    Just remember that when he becomes a teen and you wish he were calling you Mikey instead of what did you say? LOL! Ninja Power….I’m sorry let me get it right Turtle Power!

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