Trains & Ninjas before breakfast

It’s 5 pm and I’m finally resting, ALONE, on the sofa. Can you say AWESOME SAUCE!?! Oh it feels good!

Early this morning, my son filled up our living room with his huge alphabet puzzle mat, calling it a train track. Then he started playing with his cars and then pretending he was a train. I figured, eh why not?! That looks fun! So I joined him, and we were choo-chooing all over the apartment.Once my train ran out of steam, I went into my room to fix my bed.

Unbeknownst to me though, there was a small ninja hiding behind my bed! The little guy jumped out with a sai and a butterfly net! (I guess he was catching butterflies on his break or something). He started hitting me with his weapon and “captured me” with his net. I mean, really?! All I wanted to do was fix up my room, ugh. Now here I am being pulled away from my room and being put into a spare room, because i’m a “prisoner”. How could I already be in prison!? I haven’t even had breakfast yet :'(. I decided to bust out of the joint, and “capture” the ninja with his own net! Bwahahaha! His prison was in the bathroom though. Why not right? He can tinkle while he waits, hehe.

After the little ninja busted out of the bathroom, I told him to go play alone, so I could make myself something to eat. I mean really, I need my energy. He did have oatmeal after all. That’s why he’s able to run around capturing me and stuff! So I made my breakfast and was so happy to eat when my son came running up to me saying “mmm mmm mmm”. “Nathaniel, I fed you already! Let me eat child” He giggles and stays put. “Fine! Here” I gave him a few spoonfuls of eggs and he very happily left me alone to eat :).

Once I was fed, I started making some calls while little man played on the living room floor. Once I was done, I took him to the kitchen, where he did some work in his activity book. Of course he wasn’t interested. He thought it was ok to tell me he didn’t want to do work and it was BORING! But he lost that argument. He did a few pages and at the end of it, he was happy and smiling because he did a very good job.

We had lunch, while my sick hubby walked through the door. Yes, my hubby is now sick, while our son is getting over his cold slowly. Can you say EXHAUSTING? I made him lunch too, then i sent them both to take naps. Hubby didn’t put up a fight, unlike Nathaniel. He laid in bed for an hour singing, until he finally fell asleep. *Angels singing*. Now I am here, resting on the sofa and like I said earlier…it feels OH SO GOOOOOOD :).








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