Pre-k Prep

The day has come where my son is now in a Pre-k prep class! *tears falling mellow dramatically down my face*. For a few weeks before the class, my son was telling me he was nervous and he didn’t want to go into the classroom without me; That he would miss me. I told him it was normal to be nervous, because I get nervous trying new things too. But I told him he would get use to it and have a great time [at least I was praying inside that he would have a great time!].

The day finally arrived, and my husband and I took him to the library where the class takes place. He is familiar with the teacher already, Ms. Donna, because he has had her for a few years during Story Time classes, and he knows a lot of the kids there. After Ms. Donna explained to the parents and children what the class was about and told us not to worry about the kids, because they were in good hands, it was time for all the children to line up. Nathaniel jumped up, along with his best friend, Olivia, and got on line. It came so naturally to him, I wanted to run up to him and keep him with me! *more mellow dramatic tears running down my face*. He seemed so grown at that moment, it really was a bitter/sweet moment for me. I snapped a couple of pictures and off he went, into the class room, where he was going to have to respect and listen to another adult, and follow instructions and learn new things. I wasn’t very worried about that though, because my son is very respectful, but I was wondering if he would be able to focus and pay attention, being away from me, and being with his best friend. They tend to be chatter boxes when they are together! I just had to wait and see how things went.

After about 45 minutes, the kids came out, really excited, holding a folder they created for the “semester”. Nathaniel runs up to my husband exclaiming “Look daddy! I made a rainbow!”. He was so happy that he made a rainbow on his folder, all by himself. He showed us his folder that has his name on it. Inside, he has three sheets of paper. One, where he has to trace the letter A, one that teaches him how to sign the letter A in sign language, and one sheet with the Pledge of Allegiance. This would be his first time ever, having HOMEWORK! How freaking cool! His response however made me laugh. I told him, “baby, you have to do your homework this weekend” and he tells me, “I don”t wana do homework!” I looked at my husband laughing and just said, “oh boy! it’s begun!”.

All in all, it was a very positive experience, and I know he will continue to enjoy it. I’m glad he has this time where he is learning a lot more and is able to be social with other kids, besides his best friend. I just need to get him to understand that homework is important! Hopefully that will be just as easy to do! *fingers crossed*.

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3 thoughts on “Pre-k Prep

  1. Nonstopbakbak says:

    Such a beautiful post Jen. It is truly amazing how fast they grow up. Use this moment to also pat yourself on the back for being such an amazing mom to Nate. He is such a beautiful, loving child. I just adore him to bits!

    As parents it is our responsibility to provide them with firm roots, but also wings as the same time so that they aren’t afraid to fly.

    Cherish these wonderful moments and continue being your amazing self that you are.

    Good luck Nate!! We love you and so sure you will do really well. Xx.

    • mylifechronicles says:

      Thank you so mich Shruthi! That means a lot to me. Its so difficult to let go sometimes, because im always with him. But at the same time I am so excited for him. I want him to see just how smart he is and what a special little boy he is :).

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