Mr. Robot

Today I took my son to the weekly Arts & Crafts class at our local Library. The teacher’s gave us everything we need to make a “Robot” Puppet. Nathaniel was really excited to make his.

The supplies they gave us were:
– 1 small brown paper bag
– 1 glue stick
– 1 pair of scissors
– crayons
– colorful construction paper cut up into different shapes and sizes
– different stickers

Once he was given the supplies, he had free range to design his robot the way he wanted. The little flap at the top of the bag is where you can stick your hand to make it talk, so I helped him make the face. He loves the color green, so he chose two big green hearts to design the body. He had fun pasting different shapes on the bag and he wanted a lot of number stickers on it as well.

This is the finished product!




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