Memories for Father’s Day

Happy Fathers Day to all of the wonderful fathers out there! This special day is to celebrate all the love & guidance you have given to your children over the years. In celebration of this day, dedicated to our dads, and those filling in that role, I want to share 10 favorite memories I have of my father.

1. Sitting in the passenger seat in your blue work van, listening to dogs barking “jingle bells” on 101.1. It was such a catchy tune!

2. Speaking to you about sex, because I knew you would understand and not judge me. You were so patient while speaking with me. I didn’t feel embarrassed at all.

3. Playing softball with the family and turning around to see you very SLOWLY falling down, haha.

4. Walking out of an Atlantic City bathroom to see you standing by a WINNING slot machine. Seriously, I was only gone 5 minutes!

5. The drives to the Whitestone movie theater and snacking on milk duds!

6. The day I went downstairs to see you and was surprised to see you standing next to a beautiful purple mountain bike…for me! I was on that thing every day in the summer. Thank you for my awesome calves! 😋

7. Going to Fun Spot with you and the family. We had so much fun! Unfortunately, I scared Vanessa to death and she no longer likes Ferris wheels 😕. Sorry sis! Love ya!

8. “Shooting hoops” with you at the park. I know I know, I throw like a girl! haha.

9. Having you walk me down the aisle the day I married my soul-mate. Then our father/daughter dance :). We have moves man! lol

10. Watching you hold my son for the 1st time in the hospital. It was such a special moment for me. Now 3 years later you are one of his favorite people ever!

Happy Father’s Day dad! I’m so glad we grew closer over the years. Thank you for always being there to listen when I need to talk and for always making me laugh. You truly are awesome 😄. Love you much!




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