Here fishy fishy fishy…

Hey guys!

The other day I decided to take my son to Petsmart to look at some animals, because I really wanted to get him a pet. I was thinking maybe a hamster, because they are small and I can buy it a ball so it can roll around the apartment. I read up on it and a lot of reviews state hamsters are better for older children. My son is 3 and being that a lot of them are active at night, that wouldn’t be much fun for him. Then I thought maybe a bird, but Ive been around so many loud and annoying birds in the family, I decided against it. I mean, come on! I have a 3 year old boy, do I need a pet who will also be loud and drive me up the wall? Exactly! lol. In our apartment we cannot have cats or dogs, which is fine because I am allergic to them. Hopefully by the time we buy a house, I will be caught up with my allergy shots and it wouldn’t be a problem then. So finally, I walked my son towards the back of the store to look at the fish. Guys, when I tell you his face lit up, I’m not lying! He had the biggest smile on his face. He ran from tank to tank yelling “mommy look!”, “Look at this fishy swimming!” It made me so happy and excited for him. We finally decided on 2 Glofish. They are beginner tropical fish that come in different bright colors. We both fell in love with them. We then bought a 1 gallon tank for them because the sales lady said that size is big enough. I go pay for everything and off we go.

We get home and I begin to clean out the tank and all of the accessories we bought for it. I set up the tank and left the fishes, Chloe (pink fish) and Glow (green fish), in the bag for 4 hours like it was advised for me to do. Later on that night, before I left my house for a dinner date with a friend, I asked my husband to feed the fish at 8pm. I guess my son heard me saying this, because when I went to give him a goodbye kiss, my son excitedly exclaims “mommy I did it!”. I looked passed him to see he had dumped the entire bottle of fish food in the tank! OMG! It reeked and the poor fish couldn’t see! lol. Because I was running out for dinner, I had to quickly explain to my husband what to do, then I was out of there…phew! Once I got home, the tank was clean and all was well with the fish :).

Fast forward one week: My husband and I start noticing that the pink fish was always chasing and nipping at the green fish. Glow started to stay in one corner of the tank and NEVER MOVE! I thought a few times it was dead! Luckily it wasn’t. I started to do more research and learned that Glofish had to be in a school of at least 5 fish. If they were not in a school, they tended to become mean. That explained it! Chloe was a bully! Once I told my husband, we went out and bought 3 more pretty Glofish: Halo, Angel & Rosie. We also bought a 10 gallon tank with a heater, so they can have more space to swim around. Once we got home and got the tank ready, we put the new fish in the 1 gallon tank over night, so the larger tank’s water could settle. Next morning, we moved all 5 fishes to the new tank and they have been so happy ever since. They all get along, they swim around with ease and they all eat without  a problem. My son loves seeing all of the different colors and enjoys to see them chasing & playing with each other. He tells us they are happy with their new friends.

I’m so happy I decided to get my son Fish as a pet. It really isn’t as difficult as I thought it would be. My advice would be to definitely do your research before walking into a pet shop to buy fish. I took the sales lady’s word and turns out she wasn’t being honest. The tropical fish I bought cannot be in a 1 gallon tank and I had to buy more then 2, so they can be happy. But you live and learn right? My son is happy and excited and that is all that matters :D.


Happy swimming!








4 thoughts on “Here fishy fishy fishy…

  1. draedie says:

    I find most pet store people to not be as knowledgeable as they act and have even seem some outright apathy about a dead hamster. It’s depressing. We stopped going to Petco bassist of it. Your fish are beautiful, though!

    • mylifechronicles says:

      These are my sons first pets and I’ve learned not to trust the workers at these places. There was one who could care less about her job. Her mannerisms, her language all screamed “I hate my job!” I’ll definitely continue researching before any pet purchase. Thank you :). We love our colorful fishies!

  2. sherinsk says:

    Even if we blog on simple things writing can make it more colourfull i have a way of explaining things beautifully.nice post 🙂

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