Memories for Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mom’s out there! Also to everyone who has taken the place of a mom. Today we celebrate all the love, hard work and dedication they have put in over the years. In celebration of this important day, I want to take the time to share 5 favorite memories I have with my mom :).

1. Having a Marshmallow, grape & baby powder fight in our living room. Not sure how these fights started, but it was so much fun throwing these things at each other.

2. Watching Lifetime movies together. I remember us crying, laughing and mom always freaking out yelling at someone on the TV to “NOT GO IN THERE!” lol.

3. Sitting in the back seat of the car with my sis, while step-dad taught mom how to drive. Till this day we talk about it and laugh till we are crying! “Lillian drive straight….NO NOT TO YOUR LEFT! STRAIGHT!” We thought we were going to die! lol

4. Having house parties with the family and watching mom breaking it down in the middle of the floor! She had moves!

5. One of my favorite memories: I was eating fruit loops in the living room while watching videos with my sister. A Sean Paul video comes on and all we hear is “OMG my husband is on!” Mom comes running from the back room and starts dancing in the living room. In doing so, she bumps her butt on the table I was eating at and my cereal went flying EVERYWHERE! I can still picture it in slow motion! lol Milk and fruit loops all over me, the sofa, table, floor…We couldn’t stop laughing LOL.


I love you mom! Thank you for all the good times & laughs <3.




What are some of your favorite memories of your mom? Please share! 🙂



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