1st Dentist Appt.

Hi guys!

So last week my son had his very first dentist appointment. He knew about his appointment for about a month, and a few times he told me how nervous he was. He didn’t want to sit in the big chair or get his teeth checked. I continued to reassure him that everything would be fine and I would be there with him. Because my husband had to work, I asked my mom to come to the appointment with us, for more moral support. This made my son happy.

Finally the big day arrives! My mom gets to my house and my son is now excellently telling her that he is going to the dentist. I had suggested he take his favorite monkey, Bucky, with him. He thought it was a great idea. It seemed to relieve the anxiety he previously had. We leave for the appointment and my son is all smiles and excited. I am feeling so relieved at this point! lol. I did not want him to fuss and fight on our way to the dentist office. We get the the dentist office and already my son is saying hello and smiling with everyone who works there. They absolutely love my son, which is why I felt more at ease for this first check up. After all the greetings, they call us in. With Bucky in tow, we head to the back room…

The dentist asks my son to sit on the chair, which he does no problem. She starts to explain to my son what she is going to do and the tools she is going to use. She then proceeds to show him how all the tools work. She demonstrates on Bucky first and then on him. He listens intently, with a huge smile on his face. Mom and I watch on with equally big smiles on our faces :). The dentist leans the chair all the way back and asks my son to open his mouth wide, and the cleaning begins. He is such a good boy! He doesn’t move or fidget. He holds on to Bucky as she is cleaning all of his teeth. When she is done she asks him to rinse, and he does. She shows him how nice and white his teeth look and he is happy.

I am so proud of my Nathaniel! He is so brave and well behaved. I love how excited he was at his 1st dentist appointment. I was snapping away of course, as I wanted to capture that moment forever. Here are a few from that memorable day :).


Peace, love & clean teeth!





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