Hi guys,

I know I haven’t posted in a few days. Things have been super busy! After having a great weekend, my son came down with a very bad cold. He is congested and coughing so much. The coughing leads to wheezing, which then leads to him crying and wanting to be held or wanting to sleep with my husband and I. I’ve had him on the nebulizer for his wheezing and congestion. We’re making sure he is drinking a lot of water, and taking his vitamins as well. I also elevated his bed, because I realized it was too close to the ground. I cleared out all of his stuffed animals, and placed them in a plastic bag, then moved them to another room. I swept and mopped his room, and dusted his room. then left his cool mist humidifier on. Anything I could think of to clear up his cough!

I figured it was just another cold caused by allergies or change of weather and that it would pass in a few days. Then comes Tuesday and my son wakes up coughing a very harsh, painful sounding cough and crying non stop. Because he wouldn’t stop crying, he sounded like he was having trouble breathing. I quickly grabbed him and gave him a nebulizer treatment and then made him blow his nose a lot, to get rid of a lot of the congestion. It didn’t help. He continued coughing hard and crying, so my husband and I took him to the emergency room. I wasn’t sure what was going on with him. It sounded like Bronchitis for a little while. When we got to the emergency room, he had calmed down and wasn’t crying anymore and the harsh cough had subsided. When we were finally taken into a room, the Dr. checked him and told us his cough didn’t sound like asthma, but more like allergies. She couldn’t hear the hard cough he had earlier, which she said could have been Croop; An upper respiratory virus. Just in case the Croop cough came back, she gave him a medicine to rid the swelling in his throat, so he can breathe better and stop coughing. She also gave him benadryl, so we could know for sure if it was allergies. The benadryl ended up knocking my son out. He was still coughing a little but not too much, which helped us to at least realize that an allergy was causing his coughing.

After being in the Emergency room for five hours, my son was discharged. At that point, he was sound asleep, while my husband and I were relieved, exhausted and STARVING! We headed straight to McDonald’s for some breakfast, then came home, put our son to bed and got ourselves ready for bed. I am still feeling exhausted. My body schedule is all screwed up at the moment. Hopefully it can regulate by tomorrow!

How do you guys get through the day with a sick child? Do you have a specific routine you do with them? Do you have any help with them? Are you able to get a spa treatment after a week or so with a sick child at home?! lol. I know I need one!


Happy healing!




4 thoughts on “Exhausted!

  1. tlohuis says:

    I’m asthmatic and have had bronchitis since January, so the problems with the breathing I understand all too well. I also raised 4 asthmatic kids with allergies. It’s a difficult job. You just have to handle it the best you can at the time and don’t ever hesitate to take him back to the ER. When it comes to breathing and you can’t get him calmed down, it’s probably because he can’t breathe and it’s frustrating and scaring him. Hopefully, you will all get some much needed rest and everyone will feel better tomorrow. And, yes, I think you are entitled to a nice spa treatment after dealing with this for a week. Just tell your husband it’s a given. LOL Hope your little guy feels better real soon.:)

    • mylifechronicles says:

      Wow I can’t imagine the worries you went through raising 4 kids with asthma. I know when I was young my mom was always in the hospital with me. Having to do the same with my son was exhausting and had me worried of course. Luckily it wasn’t related to asthma though. But I know all too well how allergies effect asthma. I’ve gotten allergy shots for a long time. I’m glad my son is feeling so much better! Now I just need to make sure hubby feels a lot better before Monday :). Hope all is well with you.

      • tlohuis says:

        Although it wasn’t asthma, it feels the same. Trouble breathing is trouble breathing and it’s a very scary thing, especially for such a little guy. I pray he doesn’t develop asthma, EVER! Glad you and your little guy are doing so much better. Now, let’s hope the big guy gets better real soon. 🙂

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