Most recent post about taking my son to the hospital :(.

The chronicles of a stay-at-home mom

Hi guys,

I know I haven’t posted in a few days. Things have been super busy! After having a great weekend, my son came down with a very bad cold. He is congested and coughing so much. The coughing leads to wheezing, which then leads to him crying and wanting to be held or wanting to sleep with my husband and I. I’ve had him on the nebulizer for his wheezing and congestion. We’re making sure he is drinking a lot of water, and taking his vitamins as well. I also elevated his bed, because I realized it was too close to the ground. I cleared out all of his stuffed animals, and placed them in a plastic bag, then moved them to another room. I swept and mopped his room, and dusted his room. then left his cool mist humidifier on. Anything I could think of to clear up…

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