Is there a Dr. In the house?

When it’s a lazy day and you have a 3 year old, what is there to do? Well, play Dr. Of course! My son has a Drs bag he received for his birthday, and he loves playing with it. What he seems to really enjoy is giving me shots! Not the kind of shots you probably would like to have, at night, in a bar, but a vaccine shot! “Mommy, you have a cold, you need a shot!” He then continues to give me about 11 shots in a row! Then tells me, “see that wasn’t too bad!” lol kids! When he is done giving me shots and checking my blood pressure and temperature, he moves on to his stuffed animals. I end up being his assistant, writing out prescriptions for his very sick stuffies. It’s a tough job being a dr, but someone’s gotta do it! 😄



11 thoughts on “Is there a Dr. In the house?

  1. tlohuis says:

    Sounds like you had a great day after all. Never a dull moment with a cute little three year old. Enjoy him every day. He’ll be going off to college before you know it. maybe he’ll even become a doctor. Maybe the sun will shine tomorrow and you can get out of the house.

  2. tlohuis says:

    That’s great. I think spring has finally sprung! I hope I didn’t just jinx us on that one. It is still April and anything goes in April. Glad you and Mr. Cutie had another good day. I wish you many more.:)

  3. Dennis Cardiff says:

    My son, when he was very young, wanted to be a Doctor. I asked him why. He said, “I want to find out if people are sick or not.”. I asked, “Do you want to make them better.” He replied, “No, I just want to find out if they are sick.” He’ll be forty in June, Thankfully he didn’t enter the medical profession. ~ Dennis

  4. sherinsk says:

    so marriage is not that bad right?i always had this fear how to look after my best guess is sometimes let the childhood hiding inside us come out.then we will have great fun right? 😆

    • mylifechronicles says:

      No marriage isn’t bad :). We have been together for years. I love my family and feel so blessed to have my son. I’ve always been a kid at heart so I have no problems being silly and playing pretend :).

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