Child-free weekend

The chronicles of a stay-at-home mom

In the three years my son has been alive, this was the first weekend he wasn’t home with us! Now that I’m driving and he is talking A LOT, I decided to let him stay at my moms house in Brooklyn, along with his 2 cousins. I figured, if he gets hurt or he is uncomfortable or he has a blast, he can verbally communicate it to me and so I was more at ease being away from him for the weekend.

I drove my son to Brooklyn, Friday afternoon, with my sis and her two kids. As soon as we got to moms house, the kids were just so excited to be together and started running around and playing with swords and screaming because they were being chased by grandma :). It was great to see my son having so much fun with his cousins.

After a few hours…

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3 thoughts on “Child-free weekend

  1. tlohuis says:

    Even though we love our children so much, alone time is so very important, too. Don’t every feel guilty about that. That’s what keeps us sane. Now, I have 4 kids so it was always difficult to get anyone to take 4 all at once. Hope you enjoyed your alone time.:)

    • mylifechronicles says:

      It really did feel great to have some time just for me and some alone time with my husband. I missed my son of course, but I felt at ease having him at my moms, knowing he was having fun.

      • tlohuis says:

        That’s always good to get away for some alone time. We are leaving Thursday morning just for one night, but we like to go and stay in different B & B’s. It’s our new thing. We’re going to try to do it at least once every other month. Hopefully, soon we’ll be able to once a month. We still have grown kids at home, a dog, and a 19 month old grandson, makes me feel really old saying that, but he means the world to me. I love them all more than life itself, but the break, the peace and quiet is all good for the soul. I’m going sick or not. I can relax there just as I can here only it”ll be much more peaceful and then we’ll come home on Friday. It’s much more expensive on the weekends, so we go on a week day, and he just takes the few days off. This one is only an hour away. We have several B & B’s anywhere from 40 minutes to a few hours away. Tons. and, of course, there will always be the one’s we’d like to revisit. It’s a much better experience from a hotel. If you’ve never done this, I highly recommend it. The hospitality is out of this world and they make you feel so at home. Glad you had a great time. Hope the rest of your day is good to you.

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