Child-free weekend

In the three years my son has been alive, this was the first weekend he wasn’t home with us! Now that I’m driving and he is talking A LOT, I decided to let him stay at my moms house in Brooklyn, along with his 2 cousins. I figured, if he gets hurt or he is uncomfortable or he has a blast, he can verbally communicate it to me and so I was more at ease being away from him for the weekend.

I drove my son to Brooklyn, Friday afternoon, with my sis and her two kids. As soon as we got to moms house, the kids were just so excited to be together and started running around and playing with swords and screaming because they were being chased by grandma :). It was great to see my son having so much fun with his cousins.

After a few hours, I decided it was time for my sis and I to enjoy some freedom, so I drove us to another part of Brooklyn to meet up with our cousin. We met up at a bar, where she ordered me a horrible Cider drink, haha. I thought it was like apple cider, non alcoholic, but it wasn’t! It tasted like strong beer and wine. Very odd. I didn’t drink it, and just stuck to water. I was driving you know! So we hung out for about an hour, catching up and eating Nachos with chili and cheese, while sis had a drink and our cousin drank the not so great cider, haha. It felt great to just relax and have adult conversation.

After the bar, I drove my sis home and I drove back to NJ where hubby and I just relaxed in the quiet of our apartment. The following day hubby and I went to dinner at a Cuban restaurant, Rumba Cubana. That place is great. It took forever to get a seat but the food was fantastic. I ordered a yummy piña colada and enjoyed some chicken in garlic sauce, with rice, while my husband enjoyed his breaded steak with rice and beans. After we were stuffed, we went home and watched the movie Gravity. Once the movie was done, we went to bed, and I very excitedly, slept in the next day!

Once we woke up, we got ready and went to pick up our son from moms house. He was so excited to see us that he ran down moms front steps, into my arms! He then ran to his dad. He looked so happy to see us. I was so excited to see him too, haha. I missed him! He told us all about how they played swords, and hid under the table, while grandma looked for them and chased them around the house. He was full of energy.

It was great to see just how much fun they all had together. It was also great to get some alone time to recoup. I will definitely let him have more sleep overs at grandmas house :).








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