Running Errands

Hey guys!

Today was finally a sunny, warm-ish day out! Yay! I decided to take advantage of the day before the rainy cold weather returned, so I ran some errands with my son. First we walked to the post office to mail some letters, while soaking up the sun.

After the post office, I drove us to Walmart to get an eye exam and some anti-glare glasses. My eyes are very sensitive to bright light, so every time I’m on the computer or my phone, my eyes feel strained. Any-who! We stood at the vision center for about 45 minutes. This is when my son decided to get antsy! “Mommy I don’t want to sit down”. “I want water”. “Are you done yet? Can we buy something?” The questions seemed never ending! I explained to him that we had to wait for the Dr. to check my eyes and his response was, “why!?’ Eventually I ran out of things to respond with and gave him the old-school answer of “because I said so!” Haha…that always reminds me of my mom telling me that!

Finally I got my exam done, then went to the frame area to choose some frames for my glasses. I try on a few different frames, in which my son tells me honestly he does NOT like them. Then I try on a pair that I really like and they make my son giggle because, as he says, I look like a teacher 😂. It makes me laugh at how honest and genuine kids are! After I choose my frames, I pay for them and we head over to McDonald’s for a quick bite to eat.

After eating, we go food shopping and that’s when I notice my son is leaning on the cart handle. I ask him if he’s sleepy and of course he says “nooo, I’m not sleepy”. Suuuure. Nathaniel is NEVER sleepy, hehe.

After we’re done there, it’s time to get home. Half way home I see him falling asleep. I try my best to keep him awake, because I have bags to carry home and have 3 flights of stairs to walk up and I can’t carry him! But to no avail! Nathaniel ended up falling asleep 10 minutes before I parked the car. Unfortunately I had to wake him up and make sure he didn’t fall asleep while walking.

Once we get home, he tells me once again he isn’t sleepy. I know better though. I put him in Jammie’s and put him down for a nap. He slept for 2 hours, phew! I was excited and really needed the 2 hours to clean up before my husband got home and to relax a bit on the sofa. *aaaahhhh*

I really love warm sunny days, no matter how busy and exhausting they may be! 😊





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