Soccer Time!

Hi Guys!

Today was a very exciting day. My husband & I took our son to the YMCA for his first soccer class! My son has been so excited about this class for months now, and today was finally the day! He was telling anyone he would see, how he was going to soccer class and he was going with his best friend Olivia. While telling people this, he made sure to kick his leg up, just to be sure they understood he would be kicking a ball around, haha.

So we took him to the YMCA this afternoon, where we quickly ran into his best friend, and they proceeded to yell each others name in excitement and then ran into each others arms (they are too stinking cute!). We all walked into the room where the class would take place, and we waited…and waited…and waited…Twenty minutes into waiting, the director came up to us apologizing for the teacher’s lateness and offering us an extra class and a free class of our choosing. We thought that was very nice of them, and we of course accepted. The kids however had no idea the teacher was not there, because they were all running around chasing each other and having so much fun! Because of this, my friend decided we should all just play soccer with the kids, so that’s what we did!

Once the director gave us all foam soccer balls and we proceeded to show our kids how to kick the ball and not pick it up with their hands. It seemed they preferred to kick the ball, chase it and throw themselves ON the ball, claiming it to be theirs! It was pretty funny to watch :). After about 15 minutes, we then showed the kids how to kick the ball past a goalie. That was pretty interesting to see, especially when the goalie blocked my son’s ball and exclaimed “I DID IT!” and my son got upset and said “NO, I DID IT!” haha. It was pretty entertaining.

We tried our best to teach our kids how to play and made sure they enjoyed their first class especially because the teacher never showed up. My son actually started crying, very loudly, because he did not want to leave. He really did have a blast! I’m hoping that next week, the teacher actually shows up, so the kids can properly learn how to play and learn the rules to soccer. After all, we did pay for this class…a teacher is expected ;).

So, that was our afternoon! I’m so happy my son has started his first sport and I’m so proud of him. He really does enjoy playing with other kids and learning new things. It’s surreal to see just how much he is growing up :’). Hopefully by the end of this class, we can sign him up for another sport and continue keeping him active.


Happy Sporting!


Jennie G.




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