The sleepy-time struggle

Hi Guys!

At this time, I’m sitting here blogging, while listening to my son fight his sleep. Oh how I miss the days when he would lay down and sleep for 3 hours straight! No fussing or fighting. I would put him in his crib, he would lay on his belly, with his booty up in the air and just knock out. Now, there are tears, along with pleadings, for me not to put him to bed. “Mommy, I’m not sleepy (YAWN)”. “Daddy, I don’t want to go to sleep (Crying)”. “Mommy, I’m hungry/thirsty/have to pee/have to poop”. We’ve heard it all! He comes up with every excuse not to go to sleep. He will be sitting on my lap or my husband’s lap, falling asleep and the moment we mention it’s bed time, he’s wide awake! It’s as if he feels he is going to miss out on some great fun or super great party, once he closes his eyes for the night.

My son has been on a 9:30pm schedule for a long time now. Once we tell him it’s time to brush his teeth, he starts complaining or crying that he doesn’t want to go to sleep. After his teeth are brushed, my husband and I take turns reading him a bed time story. He’s happy while listening to the story. Once THE END is said, he begins to pout again. He still can’t believe it’s time for bed. Have any of you struggled with bed time or nap time? Any idea how long this will last? Is it a few years or do I need to wait until he is about 18 years old, and off to college to finally stop hearing his complaints about bed time? Please comment below!

Happy napping!


Jennie G.




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