Proud Mommy Moment

Every Saturday my husband & I take our son to pre-k prep class at the library. The teacher reads stories, then they go into the classroom and make art projects pertaining to the stories they all heard. They also learn their alphabets, colors, etc. At the end of the class, they get sheets of homework that we can do at home. They aren’t collected, it’s just for learning purposes. Also during the week, I have my son do activities in a pre-k book I bought for him, so he can learn outside of the classroom as well.

Today was one of the days where we sit down together and do some work. I  helped my son with his cat in the hat homework, where he had to draw objects he would like to put away in a red box and a fill in the blank worksheet. After he was done, I asked him to write his name on the back of each paper. Until today, he hasn’t been able to write his name all by himself. So of course when he did it today, I was beside myself! The smile on his face was priceless as well. He was so proud of himself 😄. This is what hard work and dedication accomplishes. I’m so proud of him! I’m definitely going to have him write his name everyday until he gets better, along with some other smaller words. It’s a great feeling knowing that you are able to teach your child something, along with the classes you put them in, to better their learning and understanding. 

Put on your socks


“Nathaniel, your feet are freezing! Go put on your socks.”

“But I don’t want to wear those socks!”

*He runs into the living room, trying to put on some socks he had on for church yesterday. Although I don’t see him, I know what he is doing*

“Don’t you put on those socks! Come put on your house socks.”

“Aw man! You’re good at this mommy.”

“Yes Nathaniel, I’m good at being a mommy.”

Hahahaha 😂. Gotta love him!

Pizza Bagels

Today for lunch, we decided to have something different. I saw we had Lender’s bagels, tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. Instantly I thought, pizza! My son was so excited, because he’s never had pizza bagels. I mean come on, pizza with a hole in the middle?! Awesome-sauce right?! It’s also so simple to make! I was in charge of putting the tomato sauce, while my son put the cheese.




Wala! Pizza bagels!

It was easy to make, tasted delicious & little man was happy! 😄

Mommy, I had a baby…

My son walks into the living room carrying a small stuffed gorilla, wrapped in a blanket. He walks over slowly to me and says: “mommy, I had a baby”. At this point, my eyes open wide and I’m looking at him wondering how my son just had a baby. He looks at me and smiles, then says: “it’s ok mommy, it’s just make-believe”. Well phew! So glad he cleared that up for me! 😂.

He hands over the tiny gorilla and asks if I can babysit. I take the baby gorilla and ask my son how did he have a baby? He’s a boy. From what he tells me next, he pretty much grasps the concept, because he tells me, “he didn’t come out. The Dr. Just took him out my stomach!” LOL oh! Well um, ok! My husband sat up with an incredulous look on his face and just started laughing! My son smiles back and then walks away, leaving me to babysit. I think it is way too early for my son to think he’s having a baby, and too early for me to be babysitting a gorilla grandchild! Smh kids!



Vicious Cold Cycle

After a week of me being sick, I’m finally feeling much better. My fever is gone, my body aches are gone and my congestion is minimal. But now, my poor son is sick. He has caught my cold 😔. He has been coughing, congested and his fever was at 103.0F, an hour ago. I hate this cycle. When one of us gets sick, the rest are sure to follow.

Seeing my boy sick is heart breaking and frustrating. His eyes get watery and droopy, his smile seems weak, he lays down longer then he plays and his cough absolutely gets to my core. I hate when he coughs. It sounds so exhausting for his little body. I wish I could just take it away for him. Unfortunately I can’t. I have to let his medicine kick in.

Right now, it is 1am and he’s in bed with a cold rag on his head, Vicks on his chest and throat, and he had his chewable tylenol. I’ve been giving him plenty of cold water to drink as well. His fever has come down a bit, but needless to say, I won’t be sleeping until its out of the hundreds; I won’t have peace of mind until his cough and fever subside.

Tis the life of a parent.

Sick Mommy

Today I woke up feeling so sick. I’m congested and coughing so much! Ugh. Today is a day I feel bad for my son. Maybe I shouldn’t, because he seems content and he’s been playing all day. But I hate that I don’t have energy to play ninja turtles or run around with him or even concentrate on the game Memory. My body just screams for bed or sofa. The most energy I have is to slowly walk into the kitchen to cook him breakfast, lunch & dinner and go back and forth for snacks. I interact with him so he doesn’t feel alone, but I know he’s wishing I could run around and play with him.

I did explained to my son that mommy is sick and really not feeling well. I told him mommy had a cold and congestion right now and he said “ok mommy. Aww, you’re sick?” So he understands I’m not trying to be a lazy momma and that I just need rest. I really just don’t feel well.

He’s been good though. He has played in his room, while watching blues clues. He came to get me a few times so I could look at the rail roads he built. Of course I went and told him what a great job he did. He’s also come into the living room to do silly dances for me and chit chat. My medicine did kick in for a little while, so I sat on the floor with him and told him we should put together a puzzle. We did that for a little while and he enjoyed it. I just can’t wait to feel better. I hate not being able to really keep him entertained when I’m sick.

Soon enough he’ll be in bed and I will be able to sleep. Praying tomorrow I have more energy, so we can do more then we did today. Till then, *cough cough*.