Power Promise

My son was watching Disney jr. when they started talking about Power Promises. He comes up to me and says “My power promise is to have a family and love my mommy and daddy!” That just melted my heart! 😍 He asked me what my Power Promise is and I told him “It is to make sure you and daddy are always well taken care of and happy.” He gave me a huge hug because of this lol. Tonight we will be asking daddy what his Power Promise is. 

What is yours?

Enjoying the weather

The weather is finally starting to warm up! Yay! *doing a happy dance*. After the gym this morning, I decided to bring my son and his doggy pirate to the park. It’s so great to see him run around free and happy! He has the biggest smile on his face, his pants are dirty and his cheeks are pink. Aaah, the early signs of Spring! Unfortunately we are the only ones here. So that means mommy as to play! Eek! We ran around for a bit, playing tag. Then we swung on the swings for a little. After that I told my son “mommy has had enough exercise for now. I need a break” lol. 

While I sit and take in the sun for a bit, lil man is imagining that he is on vacation, while I babysit doggy pirate. He is in Hawaii and now he is shouting to me that there is a leak in his ceiling (where do they come up with this stuff?!) be right back. Turns out I’m the manager!…..

Ok back! As the manager of my son’s hawaiin hotel, I had to go fix the leak, help him move his things to his new hotel room (near the small slide) and I had to give him money, because according to him, all of his dvd’s got wet 😯. Now he has moved on to another game. I love watching him play lol. Oh the joys of warm weather! I hope everyone is enjoying their day as well!



– JennieG ☀️


The natural state of motherhood is unselfishness. When you become a mother, you are no longer the center of your own universe. You relinquish that position to your children.

(Quote by Jessica Lange)



I live for these moments. My son is my everything. I’ve chosen to better myself, so my son can have a strong, independent mother. I want him to look at me at see courage, love, intelligence, silliness, fun, determination and comfort. 

I want my son to grow up knowing he can do anything he puts his mind to. If he has fears or doubts, I want him to know he can come to me and his father. I want him to always feel loved and always feel supported. Every child should have love and parental support ☺️.

April Nerves


With April here, there are a two important things that are happening. In a week, I need to go register my son for Pre-k 😥. I am so nervous and excited about this. I can’t believe my baby is off to school this year! The years have flown by! I already have all of the paper work filled out and have his physical and immunization card up to date.

I took my son for his physical & 4 year well-visit two weeks ago. Because of that appointment, I found out from his doctor that he needs to go see a Urologist ASAP. It seems his urethra is small or has a blockage; there was a small amount of blood in his urine when the doctor tested it. So a few days after registering him for pre-k, my husband & I need to take him for a consult. Of course, this has us nervous. The thought of my child being under anesthesia makes me very nervous. Obviously I want the best for him and if this surgical procedure will help alleviate pressure from his bladder, I’m all for it. But as a mother, how can I not be a bundle of nerves?!

Once we have the consult, they will let us know which procedure our son needs and they’ll schedule him in. Im praying for a speedy recovery and a less nerve- wracking month of May! 

In My Arms

Today I was listening to the Christian station on my phone, when I came across a beautiful song by Plumb, called In My Arms. Below are the lyrics and beneath that is the video. Enjoy!

“In My Arms”

Your baby blues

So full of wonder

Your curly cues

Your contagious smile

And as i watch

You start to grow up

All I can do

is hold you tight

Knowing clouds will rage in

Storms will race in

 But you will be safe in my arms

 Rains will pour down

 Waves will crash around

 But you will be safe in my arms

 Story books are full of fairy tales

 Of kings and queens and the bluest skies

 My heart is torn just in knowing

 You’ll someday see the truth from lies

When the clouds will rage in

Storms will race in

But you will be safe in my arms

Rains will pour down

Waves will crash around

But you will be safe in my arms

Castles – they might crumble

Dreams may not come true

But you are never all alone

‘Cause I will always,

Always love you

Hey I,

Hey I,

When the clouds will rage in

Storms will race in

But you will be safe in my arms

Rains will pour down

Waves will crash around

But you will be safe in my arms,

In my arms.


Being a Mom has Made me so Tired…


Last night I was in bed by 11pm. I fell asleep soon after, just to wake up around 12:30am because my son was coughing. My husband got up to give him water but he couldn’t stop coughing. I got up and gave him his two asthma pumps and the cough stopped. I went back to bed and woke up at 6am when my son called me saying his nose was bleeding. The bleeding took a while to stop. I climbed back into bed at 6:20am. Husband then got up around 6:30am because our son was having trouble breathing through one side of his nose. He came to bed and I went to check on him agin. His right nostril was still clogged. I sprayed it with saline water and had him blow his nose. After, I came back to bed. He then wakes up at 8am asking to watch cartoons and for cereal. At this point I’m dragging myself, trying not to collapse! Husband & I continue taking turns tending to him. Now I’m laying in bed completely exhausted while hubby makes us coffee. I must say though, I wouldn’t trade any of this in. I’ll continue waking up every couple of hours to care for my son and check up on him. He’s my world. He makes me so happy. It makes the exhaustion all the more worth it 😊.