Signing Pancakes

This conversation took place while my son and I were in the kitchen making pancakes:

Mmmm, pancakes! Pancakes suckas”.

“Pancakes suckas?! What’s that mean? lol”

“That’s how you say pancakes in sign , language mommy!”

“hahaha, no Nathaniel, it isn’t”

“So how do you say pancakes in sign language?”

“I’m not sure, let me look it up”

After looking it up, I show my son how to properly sign ‘pancake’ ☺️. Now he can stop calling them pancake suckas! 😂


A Mother is…


A super being!

She is a teacher, chef, driver, coach, game assembler, boo-boo kisser, personal shopper, laundry attendant, monster-chaser…caregiver. Mom will always be there when you need her. She will be there to listen when you’re happy, sad, angry or frightened. She is there to comfort you when you’ve had your first heart-break. She is there to discipline you and make sure great morals and values are instilled.She is there to make sure you try your very best at everything you do: school, sports, work…

A mother is there to show us unconditional love; to show us a love that can never be broken. A love like no other.

Thank you to all the Mothers out there! Happy Mother’s day!!! May your day be filled with love, laughter, happiness and blessings.


Happy Saturday!

So I posted this on my anxiety blog and decided to post it here too :).

Today was a good day! I was laying in bed this morning, excited to take my son to the Earth Day fair with my husband, when I received a message from one of my aunts. She had off today, along with my uncles and they weren’t sure what to do. I told her about the fair and asked if they’d want to join us. She said sure and headed our way. That was a nice surprise :).

Once we got to Liberty State Park, we tried to figure out where the fair was. We ended up walking over a mile to the fair lol. It was a beautiful day, so we didn’t mind. Once there, my son went on the inflatable slide. After, we all went to buy some food, then we sat and enjoyed some live music. It was great to be out with family. 

After we ate, my son wanted his face painted. We stayed on line and I, along with two other mothers, ended up arguing with a lady who cut in front of us with 3 kids. It didn’t get crazy, because I wasn’t going to continue, with my son there. But come on, all our kids want their faces painted. Be fair! Aside from that, it was fine. My son was painted as Spiderman! He looked awesome :). Then we walked back, another mile and a half to the cars. We took pictures on the way. It was a really nice day :)

Here are some pictures from today: 






Power Promise

My son was watching Disney jr. when they started talking about Power Promises. He comes up to me and says “My power promise is to have a family and love my mommy and daddy!” That just melted my heart! 😍 He asked me what my Power Promise is and I told him “It is to make sure you and daddy are always well taken care of and happy.” He gave me a huge hug because of this lol. Tonight we will be asking daddy what his Power Promise is. 

What is yours?

Enjoying the weather

The weather is finally starting to warm up! Yay! *doing a happy dance*. After the gym this morning, I decided to bring my son and his doggy pirate to the park. It’s so great to see him run around free and happy! He has the biggest smile on his face, his pants are dirty and his cheeks are pink. Aaah, the early signs of Spring! Unfortunately we are the only ones here. So that means mommy as to play! Eek! We ran around for a bit, playing tag. Then we swung on the swings for a little. After that I told my son “mommy has had enough exercise for now. I need a break” lol. 

While I sit and take in the sun for a bit, lil man is imagining that he is on vacation, while I babysit doggy pirate. He is in Hawaii and now he is shouting to me that there is a leak in his ceiling (where do they come up with this stuff?!) be right back. Turns out I’m the manager!…..

Ok back! As the manager of my son’s hawaiin hotel, I had to go fix the leak, help him move his things to his new hotel room (near the small slide) and I had to give him money, because according to him, all of his dvd’s got wet 😯. Now he has moved on to another game. I love watching him play lol. Oh the joys of warm weather! I hope everyone is enjoying their day as well!



– JennieG ☀️