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My son’s joke of the morning


“Mommy, let me tell you a joke!”

“Ok, go ahead”.

“Mommy, chickens can’t fly!!! (Hehehehe)

“Haha silly head!”

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Oh my goodness! I never thought it was possible for my son to say the word “mom” as much as he has today! I’m thinking I should maybe change my name for the day; give myself a name that’s super cool and makes me laugh whenever he says it. I’m thinking something along the lines of “superstar rainbow bright.” Two good things might come of changing my name to this: 1. My 3 year old son may not be able to properly pronounce the name, so he may just not call out for me every two minutes. 2. However he says the name, it will make me laugh. I’d say that’s much better then wanting to pull my hair out and wonder why, just whyyyy he has to say “mom” for everything! What do you think? Doesn’t hurt to try huh? ๐Ÿ˜‹

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“Mommy, look at me! I’m flipping!

“Nathaniel be care…”

“Mommy that was fun! Mommy did you see me?! I’ll do it again…mommy, mommmyyyy, remember when I flipped on the sofa!? That was soooo funny! Mommy, mommyyy look at me!”

“Nathaniel PLEASE! Give me a minute to process what you’re saying. Stop speaking for a minute, pleeeease!”

Does this sound familiar to anyone?? My son has become such a chatter-box! I honestly feel dizzy when he speaks to me, because he doesn’t give me time to process what he is saying. Many times I feel bad in having to ask him to stop talking for a little while, but I just need some time to think! He can ask me numerous questions in a matter of a minute, before I’ve been able to answer his first question. I know it’s a part of growing up. He knows the English language now, and he loves using words and also, he loves hearing himself speak. Those are HIS words, not mine! haha. I love that he has things to say. I love that we can sit there and chat with each other about different things. We speak about the things we’ve done throughout the day, or on the weekend. Things he’s learned in the library. He speaks excitedly about the fun he had at his aunts house, with his cousins. It’s all great chit chat. But it’s exhausting when I’m actually trying to do something around the house, or when I’m driving and I need to concentrate on the road.

His non stop talking really gets to me at that point. I need to figure out a way to have him quiet down when needed, while not hurting his spirit at all. I don’t want him to think he can’t speak AT ALL anymore, or that it bothers me to have a conversation with him, because it really doesn’t bother me. I love it! What are some things that you guys do when you need some peace of mind. What are some things I can do or say to make him realize he needs to hush for a moment, and not just all together stop talking. I love his outgoing, fun, loving personality with all of my heart! I just need him to learn he cannot throw a 101 questions at me at once!

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Have a great day & chatter on…or not ;)



Pre-k Prep

The day has come where my son is now in a Pre-k prep class! *tears falling mellow dramatically down my face*. For a few weeks before the class, my son was telling me he was nervous and he didn’t want to go into the classroom without me; That he would miss me. I told him it was normal to be nervous, because I get nervous trying new things too. But I told him he would get use to it and have a great time [at least I was praying inside that he would have a great time!].

The day finally arrived, and my husband and I took him to the library where the class takes place. He is familiar with the teacher already, Ms. Donna, because he has had her for a few years during Story Time classes, and he knows a lot of the kids there. After Ms. Donna explained to the parents and children what the class was about and told us not to worry about the kids, because they were in good hands, it was time for all the children to line up. Nathaniel jumped up, along with his best friend, Olivia, and got on line. It came so naturally to him, I wanted to run up to him and keep him with me! *more mellow dramatic tears running down my face*. He seemed so grown at that moment, it really was a bitter/sweet moment for me. I snapped a couple of pictures and off he went, into the class room, where he was going to have to respect and listen to another adult, and follow instructions and learn new things. I wasn’t very worried about that though, because my son is very respectful, but I was wondering if he would be able to focus and pay attention, being away from me, and being with his best friend. They tend to be chatter boxes when they are together! I just had to wait and see how things went.

After about 45 minutes, the kids came out, really excited, holding a folder they created for the “semester”. Nathaniel runs up to my husband exclaiming “Look daddy! I made a rainbow!”. He was so happy that he made a rainbow on his folder, all by himself. He showed us his folder that has his name on it. Inside, he has three sheets of paper. One, where he has to trace the letter A, one that teaches him how to sign the letter A in sign language, and one sheet with the Pledge of Allegiance. This would be his first time ever, having HOMEWORK! How freaking cool! His response however made me laugh. I told him, “baby, you have to do your homework this weekend” and he tells me, “I don”t wana do homework!” I looked at my husband laughing and just said, “oh boy! it’s begun!”.

All in all, it was a very positive experience, and I know he will continue to enjoy it. I’m glad he has this time where he is learning a lot more and is able to be social with other kids, besides his best friend. I just need to get him to understand that homework is important! Hopefully that will be just as easy to do! *fingers crossed*.

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My Little Chef!


For the past year, my son has shown a lot of interest in cooking. He tells me he wants to be a chef when he grows up. I absolutely love how enthusiastic he becomes when I ask him to help me out in the kitchen. He enjoys pouring things into bowls, cracking eggs, stirring. A few weeks back he rubbed seasoning onto chicken wings and was amazed that the sazon seasoning he used, left his hands orange! Now, I know that cooking with a toddler can be very dangerous, so I always help him and guide him when he needs to stir something on the stove. When he is touching raw meat, I quickly hold his hands and take him to wash them so we can scrub them really good! I explain to him that he cannot touch the pots and pans in certain places because he can get burned or not to touch his face when messing with raw meats. He always says “alright mommy” with a big smile on his face.

I’m sure there are parent who wouldn’t be comfortable having their kids near the stove, but I feel that as long as I am there, or my husband is there, explaining the dangers and showing him how to handle everything in the kitchen, then it’s fine. The only way our children will really learn is by having them get involved. He has watched me cook many times, but it just isn’t the same. He enjoys getting his hands dirty and learning new cooking tricks, like standing a big spoon in the middle of a pot of rice, to see if there is enough water, or bending chicken wings back, so they don’t stick straight up and they can cook evenly. The best part for me is to see his happy expression when the food he has helped me prepare is all done and he brags to his dad saying “daddy I cooked this!” It’s a great feeling. Now, if he does become a chef in the future, I cannot wait for all the dinners he is going to cook up for my husband and me! That will be the day I get a rest from the kitchen :), haha.

[Here is my son making Blueberry Pancakes]:

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[Making yellow rice with corn and seasoning chicken wings] :).

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Mr. Robot

Today I took my son to the weekly Arts & Crafts class at our local Library. The teacher’s gave us everything we need to make a “Robot” Puppet. Nathaniel was really excited to make his.

The supplies they gave us were:
– 1 small brown paper bag
– 1 glue stick
– 1 pair of scissors
– crayons
– colorful construction paper cut up into different shapes and sizes
– different stickers

Once he was given the supplies, he had free range to design his robot the way he wanted. The little flap at the top of the bag is where you can stick your hand to make it talk, so I helped him make the face. He loves the color green, so he chose two big green hearts to design the body. He had fun pasting different shapes on the bag and he wanted a lot of number stickers on it as well.

This is the finished product!



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Feeling Better

It has been such a long weekend! My son was sick with laryngitis & croup. He was coughing non stop for two whole days. I felt like I was loosing my mind, listening to him cough over and over and knowing there was really nothing I can do to stop it. I tried everything! My husband & I elevated his pillow, dusted his room, left his air purifier and cool mist humidifier on, we steamed the bathroom and all sat in there for 20 minutes, gave him benadryl when he complained of a tickle in his throat, but nothing worked. It was exhausting. We were up at all hours of the night, trying to sooth him back to sleep. My little guy is a tough one though, because even with him coughing non stop, he kept a smile on his face and played around normally, so that was a good thing. Finally on Saturday, we took him to the Dr. where he told us he had laryngitis & croup. He is on a nebulizar regimen and now he is barely coughing, thank God! Now he is sleeping through the night and my husband and me are getting normal sleep as well. I’m so glad my son is feeling better.


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Memories for Father’s Day

Happy Fathers Day to all of the wonderful fathers out there! This special day is to celebrate all the love & guidance you have given to your children over the years. In celebration of this day, dedicated to our dads, and those filling in that role, I want to share 10 favorite memories I have of my father.

1. Sitting in the passenger seat in your blue work van, listening to dogs barking “jingle bells” on 101.1. It was such a catchy tune!

2. Speaking to you about sex, because I knew you would understand and not judge me. You were so patient while speaking with me. I didn’t feel embarrassed at all.

3. Playing softball with the family and turning around to see you very SLOWLY falling down, haha.

4. Walking out of an Atlantic City bathroom to see you standing by a WINNING slot machine. Seriously, I was only gone 5 minutes!

5. The drives to the Whitestone movie theater and snacking on milk duds!

6. The day I went downstairs to see you and was surprised to see you standing next to a beautiful purple mountain bike…for me! I was on that thing every day in the summer. Thank you for my awesome calves! ๐Ÿ˜‹

7. Going to Fun Spot with you and the family. We had so much fun! Unfortunately, I scared Vanessa to death and she no longer likes Ferris wheels ๐Ÿ˜•. Sorry sis! Love ya!

8. “Shooting hoops” with you at the park. I know I know, I throw like a girl! haha.

9. Having you walk me down the aisle the day I married my soul-mate. Then our father/daughter dance :). We have moves man! lol

10. Watching you hold my son for the 1st time in the hospital. It was such a special moment for me. Now 3 years later you are one of his favorite people ever!

Happy Father’s Day dad! I’m so glad we grew closer over the years. Thank you for always being there to listen when I need to talk and for always making me laugh. You truly are awesome ๐Ÿ˜„. Love you much!



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duck, duck, loose.

Such a wonderful post. Who would have thought these fun childhood games would have such importance in preparing us for adulthood.

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Here fishy fishy fishy…

Hey guys!

The other day I decided to take my son to Petsmart to look at some animals, because I really wanted to get him a pet. I was thinking maybe a hamster, because they are small and I can buy it a ball so it can roll around the apartment. I read up on it and a lot of reviews state hamsters are better for older children. My son is 3 and being that a lot of them are active at night, that wouldn’t be much fun for him. Then I thought maybe a bird, but Ive been around so many loud and annoying birds in the family, I decided against it. I mean, come on! I have a 3 year old boy, do I need a pet who will also be loud and drive me up the wall? Exactly! lol. In our apartment we cannot have cats or dogs, which is fine because I am allergic to them. Hopefully by the time we buy a house, I will be caught up with my allergy shots and it wouldn’t be a problem then. So finally, I walked my son towards the back of the store to look at the fish. Guys, when I tell you his face lit up, I’m not lying! He had the biggest smile on his face. He ran from tank to tank yelling “mommy look!”, “Look at this fishy swimming!” It made me so happy and excited for him. We finally decided on 2 Glofish. They are beginner tropical fish that come in different bright colors. We both fell in love with them. We then bought a 1 gallon tank for them because the sales lady said that size is big enough. I go pay for everything and off we go.

We get home and I begin to clean out the tank and all of the accessories we bought for it. I set up the tank and left the fishes, Chloe (pink fish) and Glow (green fish), in the bag for 4 hours like it was advised for me to do. Later on that night, before I left my house for a dinner date with a friend, I asked my husband to feed the fish at 8pm. I guess my son heard me saying this, because when I went to give him a goodbye kiss, my son excitedly exclaims “mommy I did it!”. I looked passed him to see he had dumped the entire bottle of fish food in the tank! OMG! It reeked and the poor fish couldn’t see! lol. Because I was running out for dinner, I had to quickly explain to my husband what to do, then I was out of there…phew! Once I got home, the tank was clean and all was well with the fish :).

Fast forward one week: My husband and I start noticing that the pink fish was always chasing and nipping at the green fish. Glow started to stay in one corner of the tank and NEVER MOVE! I thought a few times it was dead! Luckily it wasn’t. I started to do more research and learned that Glofish had to be in a school of at least 5 fish. If they were not in a school, they tended to become mean. That explained it! Chloe was a bully! Once I told my husband, we went out and bought 3 more pretty Glofish: Halo, Angel & Rosie. We also bought a 10 gallon tank with a heater, so they can have more space to swim around. Once we got home and got the tank ready, we put the new fish in the 1 gallon tank over night, so the larger tank’s water could settle. Next morning, we moved all 5 fishes to the new tank and they have been so happy ever since. They all get along, they swim around with ease and they all eat withoutย  a problem. My son loves seeing all of the different colors and enjoys to see them chasing & playing with each other. He tells us they are happy with their new friends.

I’m so happy I decided to get my son Fish as a pet. It really isn’t as difficult as I thought it would be. My advice would be to definitely do your research before walking into a pet shop to buy fish. I took the sales lady’s word and turns out she wasn’t being honest. The tropical fish I bought cannot be in a 1 gallon tank and I had to buy more then 2, so they can be happy. But you live and learn right? My son is happy and excited and that is all that matters :D.


Happy swimming!









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